Sophie’s Birthday


Celebrating Sophie’s one year bday today. She got her favorite bone and a silly hat. We adore her with all our hearts and she has brought the most joy to our family.

~ Thank you, Christy Arundale ~

Cali, Thalia, and Jarvis


Our little Jarvis is wonderful! Our vet said that he was one of the cutest and most well behaved puppies she has ever seen. He is sweet and playful, but more important he is very gentle with our children. We love him very much. So happy we got him. Thanks a ton!

~ The Silk family – Kannapolis, NC ~

Arundale Family


Our little Sophie is the bright spot of our day. She has so much love and plenty of kisses to give. We could not imagine a day without our sweet loving Sophie. Thank you Anna (Pine Hill Cavaliers) for giving her a healthy and loving beginning.

~Arundale Family
Durham, North Carolina~

Caroline and Family


Caroline and the butterfly.

Puppy and boy

“I am a big help with homework!”

Two puppies

Carter and Caroline


“I went to the vet and I was a very good girl.”

"I love hanging out at the pool."

“I love hanging out at the pool.”

~Joanna, Joseph, and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – Carter and Caroline~

Lucy & Pait


“We occasionally babysit for a friend’s little boy, Pait. He is here playing with Lucy. She is so gentle and often is the last playmate standing.”

~Lucy and Pait~

Smart Desi

Desi and Santa


“Desi is such a smart guy; it totally blows my mind at times. Desi and Lucy are literally like brother and sister. He likes to taunt and tease her and she runs after him barking like a sister, which he loves and does it all the more. He is a very beautiful dog. His ears are long and wavy and I love to sit and run my fingers through his waves.  Any time I am not feeling well, he looks at me with his head cocked to one side and then curls up next to me. Needless to say, I love them both very much and Desi has been a great addition to our family. It is hard to believe he will be two years old this spring.” ~Jennifer~

June and Reba

Sue's Testimonials“Here is a picture of June. She has settled right in, and she and Reba, the 10 ½ years old Corgi, are best buds. She was “pleased”. She has not caught on to the potty training yet, but Reba is helping me. Reba goes in for her surgery and micro chipping tomorrow. My vet calls her a “substantial” puppy and we both feel we have our family complete now.” ~Sue~